Say No to Plastic Straws

Every time I order a drink, I make it a point to request them to not put a straw in the drink. However, there are times that in spite of making the request , they mess up the order and serve me a drink with a plastic straw dipped in it! Fearing that this can happen again, many at times I don’t even order a drink.

That’s when I used the power of my smartphone and mailed the manager of one of my favourite restaurants. I politely pointed out the problem, suggested that they follow a ‘Straw Upon Request Only’ policy and consider eco friendly alternatives to plastic straws, in case a customer requested one.

I was extremely thrilled to get a positive response from them! And that they are actively planning to implement it 🙂 Of course, it will only be a complete victory when it is finally implemented. But the fact that it got them thinking is a small win!

And that’s what we all should be doing! It’s important that we have these conversations. So my little homework for all of you is this:

  1. Pick one of your favourite local restaurant or cafe that still uses single-use plastic. And contact the manager.
  2. Be extremely polite. DO NOT BE RUDE OR CONDESCENDING. Remember that we are trying to start a dialogue here.
  3. State the problem. Suggest the ‘Straw Upon Request Only’ policy. Mention the alternatives and the impact this change could create.
  4. Give them time to consider it.

You may face disappointing results but you also might get positive ones. It’s worth the try! How many of you are up for this challenge?


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