Green Cleaning Tools

Going back to old ways…

We have always wanted to ditch the cleaning tools made out of plastic at home. That’s when we got hold of the coconut husk scrub which is naturally anti-bacterial, 100% biodegradable and ethically produced. We also use a wooden brush with beechwood bristles for cleaning purposes. 

But if I tell my Grandmom that I bought a coconut husk scrub from a store, she will laugh at me! That’s because coconut husks have been used as a cleaning scrub-pad in my hometown (where coconuts are plenty) for centuries! We used to use items from our backyard for cleaning purposes, before plastic infested our households. 

Take a moment to think about the old-fashioned tools and practices that can easily make our kitchen more sustainable – mortar and pestle, ceramic/stone dishes, wooden/steel utensils, etc. This is NOT a call for you to throw away all the plastic items in your house immediately and go on a shopping spree! Just be conscious of the items you use and discard, and make an attempt to choose reusables over disposables.
We used plastic because of ‘convenience’. However, it’s not environmentally convenient anymore. It’s nice to look back once in a while at how things were done before the Plastic Invasion!

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