Homemade Orange Peel-Vinegar Cleaner

We eat a lot of oranges at home. Which means that a lot of these orange peels end up in the compost. But before I put it in for composting, I use them for one important chore – CLEANING! 

I simply store them in a glass jar. When the jar is filled, I add white vinegar and keep the jar away from direct sun for few days and let it ferment. Use the orange infused vinegar for cleaning by diluting it with water. The orange peels mask the awful vinegar scent 🌼
I find this pretty simple because I have these ingredients at home always. If you don’t like oranges, you can go for another citrus fruit like lemon. 

It’s all about using the ingredients that are accessible to you. It’s not ‘zero-waste’ if you have to buy oranges just to make this all-purpose cleaner. We are trying to simplify our lives with fewer products. So check out what’s in your kitchen that could be a good substitute.

Caution: As vinegar is not suitable for all surfaces, avoid using this cleaner on stone flooring or wood flooring. It is important to test them first on any surface you intend to use them. Choose an inconspicuous spot for testing.

Have you all considered switching to more greener cleaning products? Most store-bought ones have unnecessary toxins that pollute our indoor air. Making use of what we already have helps us consume less, save money and make our lives simpler and greener 🌱♥️

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