Plastic-Free Grocery Shopping

A lot of grocery stores worldwide are encouraging resuable bags and are phasing out plastic bags. However, plastic produce bags are still used in most grocery stores. Which means that customers not only bring home fruits and vegetables but also a handful of unnecessary single-use plastic bags! 🤷
Reusable produce bags are the answer! Made of breathable fabric that helps your produce last longer, they are reusable, washable and durable! ♥️

I like buying loose fruits and vegetable but I have to admit that this habit took a little effort. The grocery store close to my house has everything wrapped in plastic (including bananas!). I have to walk farther to reach a store that sells loose vegetables and fruits. So to make it easier, we have made a little timetable at home that helps us plan our shopping better. 
Genuinely hope that more stores ditch plastic and that more people switch to reusable bags. Are you planning to ditch plastic produce bags this #PlasticFreeJuly ?

2 thoughts on “Plastic-Free Grocery Shopping

    1. That’s true. Plastic packaging is so ubiquitous that we don’t realise how harmful it is. And everyone is always pleasantly surprised to find out that there are eco-friendly alternatives out there. Keep inspiring people with your actions 🙂


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