Slow Fashion

‘I have nothing to wear’ – LIE! 

Have a look at your wardrobe. If you have too many clothes that you haven’t worn or hardly wear or have completely forgotten about, then it’s time to pare down the excess! 
I used to be addicted to online shopping and in the past two years I have worked on tuning that part of me down and I am enjoying the freedom that it has brought!

✓Can get creative with my style using existing items in my wardrobe

✓More time and space to organise and declutter my closet

✓Easier to pack for vacations as it takes lesser time

✓Saves money! 

Fast fashion is an enormous burden on our environment. The fast fashion industry is also exploitative of cheap labour and in violation of basic human rights. 
Let’s take a moment to rethink what it means to consume and focus on what is essential 🎈

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