Plastic-Free Hair Wash

Zero-waste Haircare: Solid Shampoos+Conditioners

I love these bars! And here is why:
✔️They eliminate the need for plastic bottles – I can’t even begin to count the number of plastic shampoo bottles that I have thrown away in my lifetime. These solid bars have helped me cut down on that unnecessary waste.
✔️Delicate on the hair – It creates less foam as they don’t contain artificial foaming agents and leaves the hair moisturised (Many at times you don’t even need a conditioner)
✔️Lasts longer – You tend to use only what is needed unlike liquid shampoos.
✔️ Amazing for travel – It takes the stress out of packing and no more worrying about suitcase spills!

Things to keep in mind if you plan to make this switch:
✔️Just like liquid shampoos, it’s important that you find the bar that is suitable for your hair type
✔️ Instead of rubbing it directly on your hair, lather it up between your hands and massage shampoo into your hair and scalp. If you have long hair, then section your hair and massage separately.
✔️When you make the transition to a natural shampoo bar, you may find your hair oily. You need to be patient with it to see the results. Commercial shampoos have chemicals that strip your natural hair oils. It will take a few washes for your scalp to get used to the new haircare method. Give your hair some time to detoxify from all the harmful chemicals it was exposed to for years.
✔️After use, ensure that the shampoo bar is stored in a dry place which will help it last longer.

If you are planning to buy be careful to read the ingredients. Stay away from shampoo bars that contain artificial fragrances and SLS. Choose bars that have nourishing butters ( shea, cocoa etc) and moisturising oils (coconut, argan, jojoba etc).

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