Reusable Facial Rounds

If you find yourself reaching for a disposable cotton facial pad several times a day, either to apply your facial toner or remove makeup, it’s time to make your skincare routine more green!

Switching to reusable facial rounds made of organic cotton is an easy step to make in your zero-waste journey. Why should you make the switch?

  • When cotton is not organically sourced, farming of cotton puts a considerable strain on our environment. Conventional cotton uses up a lot of water and the farming process pollutes the surrounding ecosystems with harmful chemicals.
  • You don’t have to contribute to the landfill as they are reusable and easily washable.
  • In a year, you probably use up thousands of cotton rounds which are tossed away after a single use. Reusable facial rounds can help save up a lot of money!
  • Reusable cotton pads won’t soak up much of your liquid products (like your facial toner) which helps you save on your beauty products as well.
  • Organic cotton pads are soft and will be gentle on your face (especially for sensitive areas such as around the eye).

Don’t be sceptical. They are hygienic (as long as you wash them regularly!)

Reusable cotton pads are practically like mini-towels. So you need to take care of them like how you would care for your towels. They can be tossed in the washing machine (a setting that is suitable to wash your delicates is perfect for the reusable facial rounds). I use fragrance-free soap berries to wash my clothes. If you are using a detergent, ensure that it isn’t too harsh.

Where can I get them?

Reusable facial rounds made of organic cotton are easily available online. However, if you want to make your own, you can do that as well. I found this video very useful : DIY Cotton Rounds).

So let’s be kind to our skin and our environment- switch to reusable cotton facial rounds!

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