Nutritious Bowl of Delicious

Moving away from animal based foods to following a more plant based diet is a lifestyle change that I adopted more than a year ago. However, we still do cook meat at home as my husband and I follow different diets. By trying to accommodate both of our food choices, it has actually helped us get a lot more creative in the kitchen and more attentive to the nutritional value of what we eat. 

My choice to shift to a plant-based diet was motivated by the desire to not contribute to the adverse environmental impact of meat production and to reduce my personal carbon footprint (Calculate your diet’s carbon footprint here). It was a personal choice and it wasn’t a difficult shift for me as I have always loved eating my vegetables! 

However, coming from a family where we ate seafood daily, cutting down on fish was the challenge for me. Seafood was also the ‘compromise food’ I had to choose in the last year, whenever I had to share a meal at a restaurant or at a dinner where vegetarian dishes weren’t available. Did you know that overfishing is a bigger menace to our oceans than plastic? David Attenbourough is worried about it too

Diet and nutrition is something extremely personal, which is why I don’t believe in imposing the diet I follow on anyone. If you do eat meat but are concerned about the carbon footprint of your diet, you can always try to reduce your meat intake instead of eliminating it completely out of your diet. One less hamburger, actually makes a difference

Our good intentions can be in conflict with our taste buds and that’s completely normal. Although, what I found interesting is that, when I explored more into my new diet, it busted the myth that plant based diets can’t be tasty and nutritious at the same time.

My husband takes a break from eating meat for one or two days a week. And today being one of those days, I thought it would be nice to share a picture of our healthy and flavourful lunch which was loaded with proteins, fibers and vitamins (My food photography and presentation skills don’t do justice to this delicious meal!). I picked up the recipe of this Bean and Spinach rice from WatchWhatUEat. The only change that I made to the recipe was to choose red kidney beans which is a wonderful plant-based source of protein and we already had it in our kitchen! I also don’t like to use canned beans because of all the unnecessary sodium. I prefer to buy dry beans and soak them overnight before I cook them. Even if it’s time-consuming, it is so much more nutritious (and also cheaper!). 

To inspire everyday sustainability even in our meals, I thought it would be nice to have a little space in the blog to talk about these issues and share our experiences with plant-based meals. Looking forward to your thoughts and feel free to share recipes that we all could try 🙂 

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