Are Cotton Tote bags sustainable?

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Are Cotton Tote Bags sustainable? The war against single-use plastic is intensifying and many of us are switching to new alternatives. Reusable cotton tote bags have become a popular replacement to single-use plastic bags. But how sustainable is this choice? The answer isn't straight forward. … Cotton requires a lot of land, water and pesticides to grow. A lot of resources are used up to make a piece of cotton and poorly managed production has devastating impacts on the environment. What's the solution? … 🔸Reuse, reuse and reuse till they fall apart. Whichever bag you have, even if it's a single-use plastic bag or a cotton/paper bag, reuse them multiple times. DO NOT KEEP BUYING NEW COTTON BAGS. Use what you already have, and use it to the entirety of its life cycle. The bag in this picture is a cotton bag I received as a complimentary gift for a purchase. I reuse my tote bags for everything from grocery to travel, and they are always by my side. My husband doesn't have a tote bag, but instead of buying one, he reuses an old plastic bag for groceries. Keep in mind that 'green' consumerism is not the solution to climate change. Our fight is against our excessive consumption patterns. 🛒 … 🔸Our choice of grocery bag doesn't play a big factor in mitigating climate change. What matters is what you put inside it and how you carry it, according to a @verge report. The food you consume and the mode of transport you use to get to your grocery creates a bigger impact on the environment. Don't want to trivialise the small efforts everyone makes in helping the environment, but let's not get distracted by 'eco-friendly' items and the belief that we can buy our way out of climate change. Continue doing every little action that you can do, but always remember the bigger picture and be mindful of your choices. Buy less because All You Need is Less! ♥️

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