The Outfit Repeater

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The Outfit Repeater … Fashion industry accounts for 10% of global carbon emissions. The production, manufacturing and transportation of the million garments purchased each year generate a lot of greenhouse gases. 🏭 It is also a major consumer of fresh water and a giant water polluter. 💧 One simple way in which we can help is by buying less, but disposable fashion has made clothes so cheap and abundant that we find ourselves buying new garments constantly. 👗 If you stop to consider the environmental impact of the fashion industry, you will realise that your cheap clothes still come with a big price. 💨 Disposable fashion also developed a culture that fears outfit repetition. We feel ashamed to be seen in the same outfit more than once. 🤷‍♀️ Even if you don't mind repeating outfits in daily life, you definitely don't want to appear in the same outfit on social media! But who decides that this is uncool? If you don't love it enough to wear it more than once, you really should reconsider your purchase! 🤔 A wardrobe that places quality over quantity is much more admirable. We need to learn to love and value what we have and embrace the joy in dressing with less. You can make a difference and stand up to the fast fashion industry by simply buying less and being a #ProudOutfitRepeater 🌳 Let's choose #SlowFashion 🐢 over #FastFashion 🐇 and fight the disposable culture!

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One thought on “The Outfit Repeater

  1. I personally buy outfits that I can use again, but I do spend more money on them and they are more classic in style so they don’t go out of fashion. Trends come and go but a simple sheath dress that you change with accessories will always be on trend. Fast fashion has promoted trends every six weeks, if you hold onto something for a year it will come back into style.


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