Climate Apathy to Climate Action

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#Repost @vaishkrishna • • • • • • 'Do you believe in Climate Change?' is a question we must stop asking. CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL. The science of climate change is more than 150 years old and is probably the most tested area of modern science. Nobody asks of your opinion on gravity or your valued view on how the earth rotates! That's because they are irrefutable facts grounded in science. Your 'opinion' on that doesn't amount to anything. Have something to say? Conduct scientific research, subject your results to scrutiny of experts in the field and get it published on a scientific journal. Until then your opinions can be limited to whether Robert Pattinson will make a good Batman. Climate denial, like racism, should not be given any space in the public sphere. Call out deniers and organisations/politicians that associate with them. However, my bigger concern is when the denial is passive. When people are aware of the crisis but underplay the risks and don't want to do anything about it – the 'Someone else will fix it' and the 'How could I make a difference'. What can you do? So much! – Cut down on driving, use public transport and fly less – Reduce your meat and dairy intake – Buy less clothes and support slow fashion – Segregate your waste, recycle and compost. – Reuse, reuse and reuse whatever you can – Demand your right to quality air and water from your leaders. Use your vote. – Donate (generously) to organisations that are working for the cause with your money and/or time. -…the list goes on… . . Believe in the Science. Feel the Urgency. Time is Running Out. #ClimateChangeIsReal @allyouneedisless_blog

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