Tips to Buy Clothes that Last

The shrinking lifespan of the high street fashion clothes in our wardrobe creates a dent in our savings and is also harmful to the environment. I have made poor choices before and had to learn my lesson the hard way. The motto in making fashion choices has to be ‘Buy Less and Choose Well’. And to choose well, we need to know how to pick clothes that will last:

✔️Touch : When clothes are only a click away, we tend to make fashion choices that we haven’t seen or touched. But feeling the garment is an important step in understanding the quality and density of the fabric. Select a piece of clothing that you own that has lasted a long time and it can help you determine what is expected from a good fabric that ages well.
✔️ Tug on stitches and buttons: Nobody wants their new outfit to fall apart. So be gentle but tug it enough to understand if it can withstand washing and regular wear.
✔️Fabric Blend: Check out the composition of the item. Generally, synthetic fibres like polyester don’t last long. Also note that polyester contains plastic which can end up in our waterways when we wash clothes. And natural fibres like cotton is durable when it’s of a high quality and not low-fibre cotton.
✔️ Outfit repeat and maintenance : Is it something that you will be wearing again? And the material is something that you can care and maintain?
✔️Develop your personal style instead of chasing the latest trends in fast fashion. Honestly, if everyone is wearing the same white sneakers and the same denim jacket, it isn’t a lot of fun yeah?

Of course the most sustainable clothing, is the clothing that you already have! But if you have to buy (second-hand preferably) then make the right choice.

Let’s learn to choose #QualityOverQuantity and #SayNoToFastFashion

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