Organic washing with Soap Berries

We have been exploring the changes that we can make at home to reduce our everyday chemical exposure. I started making my own all-purpose cleaner with orange peels and vinegar. But I couldn’t find a solution when it came to laundry – what do I use that is organic and does not pollute the water? And can I buy them in bulk and avoid non-biodegradable packaging?

That’s when I came across SOAP BERRIES – which are miracle nuts that have been keeping our clothes clean for several months now! 👗

Soapberries are the fruit of the Sapindus Mukorossi tree and their dried outer shell contains ‘saponins’ which produces a natural soap (In India, they are called ‘Reetha’). All that you have to do is put in 4-5 soapnuts in a cotton draw string bag and put them in the machine with your clothes. If you are using a low-temp setting (saves more energy!), it’s recommended to place the berries in warm water for few minutes before using it for washing. This is because the berries release the soap in warmer temperatures.

The best part about is that you can reuse the berries at least 3-4 times and they can be bought in bulk. ♻️ Soap Berries can also be used for cleaning purposes around the house! 🏠

Have you tried them? And what are the other organic options that you guys use for your laundry? Share your knowledge below in the comments 😇

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