Single-Use Plastic

Bring Your Own Bag: but what kind?

One of the most easiest zero-waste habits that one can build is to ‘Bring Your Own Bag’. But what type of bag is the most eco-friendly option?

Stop Sucking

Single-Use plastic is not cool. We must have a conversation about this.

Reusable Cups: I love you a latte!

Swap disposable coffee cups for reusable ones and cut down your plastic footprint.

Plastic-free Grocery Shopping

Tired of all the unnecessary plastic bags in your shopping cart? Swap to reusable bags for your produce!

Reusable Facial rounds

Who said skincare routine can’t be done in a more sustainable way? Ditch single-use cotton pads and swap to reusable organic cotton facial rounds.

Hotel- life

Time to Ditch Tiny Hotel Toiletries!

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