Soap Nut – Liquid Cleaner

Soapberries are the fruit of the Sapindus Mukorossi tree and their dried outer shell contains ‘saponins’ which produces a natural soap. Soap nuts have made my laundry toxin-free and green. Thrilled by the results, I decided to explore the other ways I could use these miracle nuts. I wanted a home-made cleaning liquid that wasContinue reading “Soap Nut – Liquid Cleaner”

Zero-Waste: Another Consumer lifestyle?

My zero-waste journey was born out of a guilty conscience. The more I learnt about the global waste problem, I felt uneasy. Accepting the fact that I am consuming more than necessary and mustering the courage to face it, isn’t as easy as it sounds. To minimise my sense of guilt, instead of confronting theContinue reading “Zero-Waste: Another Consumer lifestyle?”

How to conduct a trash audit at home

How can one find a solution without knowing the problem? You need to take a deep dive into your trash with your detective lens and find out exactly what you are throwing away.