3 rules to simplify your Home

Home is where we unwind, but it doesn’t help if your living space is in disorder. Here are 3 rules to simplify your home!

Learning to slow down

Industries are driven by our consumption. And our insatiable consumption is driving up the carbon emissions It’s time to rethink our consumer culture. And a big step towards that is by learning to slow down.

Zero-Waste Haircare

A minimalist hair routine that makes your hair and the environment happy!

Bloody Good Period

Time to think beyond traditional menstrual care products and have a bloody good period!

Slow Fashion

Fast fashion is an enormous social and environmental burden.
Let’s take a moment to rethink what it means to consume and focus on what is essential.

Homemade Orange Peel-Vinegar Cleaner

It’s time to bid farewell to all the toxic cleaning liquids that you buy from the store. Make your own all-purpose cleaner with just 3 simple ingredients!